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José Cárdenas on Uno T.v. with Rodolfo Lacy Undersecretary

The gases (HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOX) in the exhaust of vehicles in circulation equipped with engines using gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas or other alternative fuels are measured under conditions of simulated accelerations through the application of an external load controlled by the dynamometer.

All the previous stages are carried out with the drive axle of the vehicle in motion and external application of load. In order to reach these speeds, acceleration must be gradual over a 10-second interval.

This method measures the gases (HC, CO, CO2 and O2) in the exhaust of motor vehicles in circulation equipped with engines that use gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas or other alternative fuels while the vehicle is parked.

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This week three new Uccas began operations in the municipalities of Apizaco, Yauhquemehcan and Huamantla, so citizens now have more options to comply with the vehicle verification procedure

Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, October 18, 2016/The General Coordination of Ecology (CGE) reported that three more Citizen Units of Environmental Quality (Uccas), known as verificentros, are already in operation, so that to date there are 15 establishments distributed around the geography of Tlaxcala that currently provide attention to the population of Tlaxcala.

The CGE explained that in the course of this month other Uccas will be in operation, since other concessionaires are about to conclude their modernization process, in order to guarantee an efficient revision of the automobiles, to maintain in optimal conditions the quality of the air in the entity and also to comply with the new environmental norm.

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